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Leading jute bags manufacturer and exporter in India

Leading jute bags manufacturer and wholesaler in Kolkata

Jute Planet is a reliable jute bags and other jute products manufacturer, exporter & wholesaler in Kolkata since 2018. We are reputed enterprise for manufacturing & exporting jute shopping bags, juco shopping bags and other types of jute goods. We are premium quality jute shopping bags manufacturer in Kolkata. We export Eco-friendly and Reusable jute shopping bags, Jute promotional bags, Jute wine bags, Jute jar bags, Jute twine, Hessian bags, Gunny bags, Jute slipper and many other jute goods from Kolkata, India.

We are specialised in the manufacturing and exporting of premium quality jute/juco bags and jute goods to USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Russia, South Africa, Italy & Japan. We are leading jute rugs exporter and wholesaler in Kolkata, India. Our all products are divided into few categories such as Carry bags, Promotional bags, Conference bags, Tote bags, Fashion bags, Rugs, Jute stockings, Slippers etc. We have various types of jute products including jute shopping bags, jute promotional bags, jute jar bags, jute wine bags, jute beach bags, jute drawstring bags, jute rugs, jute webbing, jute twine, jute carpet backing cloth, jute slipper, jute tarpaulin, jute sack etc.

We use premium quality jute and juco fabric to make our all types of bags and use best quality jute fibre to make jute rugs. For laminated jute bags, we use 3 types of lamination; regular PP lamination, Premium PP lamination and LDPE lamination. Currently, we are manufacturing pure hessian/burlap bags which are most Eco-friendly than laminated jute bags. Starched jute fabric is another option to make fully natural jute bags without any coating. We use 290 gsm fine jute fabric to manufacture our all kinds of jute bags and burlap bags. We are a leading jute shopping bags manufacturer and wholesaler in West Bengal, the largest jute producing state in India. We make purely handmade jute rugs which are only available in Kolkata. All the rugs from Jaipur and Panipat are machine made.


We are leading jute bags manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter in Kolkata, India. We use only AZO free water-based colours for printing so our jute shopping bags can be imported anywhere in the world. Jute shopping bags and burlap shopping bags are the best alternatives of plastic carry bags. Jute bags are cost saving as well as environment friendly so it's going very popular day by day. We are largest jute bags wholesaler and supplier in Kolkata. We supply our jute bags to many prestigious companies in the world.

India is the largest jute fabric manufacturer in the world so we can offer you the best quality jute shopping bags and jute promotional bags cheaper than China or Vietnam. We are based in Kolkata, the hub of jute so you will get best quality as well as best price for all types of jute bags than Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. We export our finest quality jute shopping bags to Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore. We do both printing & embroidery for our promotional jute bags.

Our Eco-friendly natural bags are mainly used by the developed countries like United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland etc. Now we are manufacturing pure hessian or burlap bags for corporate groups. Currently, burlap shopper is best and cheapest Eco-friendly promotional item. Jute Planet is a premium quality jute bags exporter in Kolkata, India.

Jute is a natural plant-based fibre that is derived from corchorus plants. Jute rugs made of pure jute fibre and it is commonly used in the world of home decor. Jute is referred to as the golden fibre because of its golden colour & silky property; it's primarily found in Bangladesh and India. Jute rugs can easily be vacuumed and spot-cleaned with mild soap and water. It's very affordable and eco-friendly, as it's recyclable and biodegradable also. We are a leading jute rugs manufacturer and exporter in India. We make various types of jute rugs such as round jute braided rugs, hand-knotted jute rugs, hand-tufted jute rugs and all the jute rugs are available in various colours and sizes. Natural jute rugs are the best item for floor covering. It looks very natural and fashionable. We are wholesaler of jute rugs and exporter of premium quality jute rugs to UK, Germany, USA, Australia and many other countries in Europe.

Nowadays promotional jute bags are the most popular promotional item to promote a company or brand. Most of the corporate groups are using jute or burlap promotional bags to promote their company or brand. For printing, we always suggest printing on the maximum area of the bags. Bigger font is more visible from a long distance so people can watch your brand very clearly. Jute promotional bags are the best item to promote green message in society. We are largest promotional jute bags manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler in Kolkata, India.

We are leading jute slippers manufacturer, wholesaler & exporter in India. We make best quality jute slippers which are used for indoor purposes only. These natural jute slippers are best for hotels, resorts, office or factory. These jute slippers are made of pure natural material jute, cotton & rubber. We make jute slippers with various colours. Jute Planet is a leading wholesaler of jute slippers in Kolkata.

We manufacture only premium quality jute bags which is exported more than 20 countries and we wholesale the same quality bags in India also. We have no different quality for Indian market. We have 2 layers checking system so we supply 0% rejection free bags. Our jute shopping bags are extra durable so it lasts at least a year. A standard size jute shopper of size 42 W X 34 H X 20 G cm can carry minimum 10-12 Kg weight. Our jute shopper is best for departmental stores or grocery stores. We are largest jute shopper manufacturer, exporter and supplier in Kolkata.

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We produce and export more than 20 countries our finest quality jute bags and diversified jute products from India

We can produce 3.5 million bags per year

This is the time to stop using plastic bags and should move for a natural option to save our world

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We are a trusted company for your regular purchase of diversified jute products of the India’s leading companies