Advantages of using jute bags instead of plastic bags

Jute bags are being used widely for various purposes instead of plastic bags and other types of bags as there are multiple advantages of using Jute bags. These bags are not only organic in nature and light in weight but are also available at reasonable prices and are re-usable. While making Jute bags Jute Planet ensures that the bags are a hundred percent organic in nature and no non-biodegradable items are used. The jute that we use to make our bags are gathered from plants that are grown with extreme care and in the best manner with natural fertilization to ensure that our manufacturing process also remains eco-friendly and the bags are of the best quality. We have listed all the advantages of using Jute bags at a glance here for you especially.

  • One of the foremost benefit of using Jute bags is that you can get stylish bags and use for long periods of time at a very low price. This is because the Jute bags are made from a plant which gives long fibres and it is the basic raw material. When the raw material available at a cheap price then no doubt after manufacturing the product will also be available at a very affordable price. So, spend less and use more with Jute bags.
  • Jute plants can also be grown very easily and the harvesting session is usually every six months so, the raw materials are available in huge quantities all around the year which makes Jute bags a perennial low-cost product.
  • The bags are known for carrying heavy-weights, so you can use a jute bag to carry basically anything and everything without having to worry about the bag’s condition. Use your jute bag for grocery shopping or for your daily purposes like carrying heavy files and folders, electronic gadgets or any other thing you want.
  • Jute bags are also washable and this particular trait of a jute bag attract more consumers as you can use your bag as much as you want and then just wash off the dirt and you get to re-use your old jute bag as good as new. Jute bags are value for money products.
  • If you are jute bag dealer or seller, then you can buy jute bags at a wholesale rate and store the bags for as long as required as our jute bags are celebrated for their long-lasting shelf life. There is no need for temperature control. All you need to take care of is to keep the bags away from getting wet and the bags can be stored for sale as long as you want.
  • Being bio-degradable, jute bags are used in developed countries as well and in various global summits related to environment and climate especially, to put more emphasis on using products that can be recycled and reused or can be disposed of safely without harming our planet. There is no emission of any kind of poisonous gasses when jute bags are thrown away. It can easily degrade by itself in one to two years and also is a source for the consumption of low-energy when recycled.
  • You can also carry baby product and clothes in jute bags as these bags are completely hygienic and allow space for the things inside to breathe. Excellent air circulation offered by the jute bags also helps to keep food items fresh and clean.
  • These bags are available in various sizes and shapes. You can also make a gift of fashionable jute bags to your friends and family and promote healthy and organic living in an eco-friendly way.
  • Jute bags can be also used as welcome gifts or farewell gifts for large gatherings. It will definitely bring down your gifting expenses while making sure that your guests get the best bio-degradable gifts.
  • Jute bags also require a very low maintenance routine and are quite hardy. You can use these bags for a long period of time as the fibres are strong and natural. The bags also smell good and it is advised to air-dry the bags in light sunlight after washing or if it gets wet. It also ensures to keep bad smell away.
  • The jute fibres are easy to blend with other natural fibres which makes the bags have trendy and unique designs and colours. You can also order your own bunch of jute bags with your individual logo and captions with us.
  • The glaze and the colour of the jute bags are long-lasting as well. The bags have the natural smell of the jute which further adds to its attractiveness. You can benefit from carrying around a jute bag in various fashionable designs wherever you go as the bags are a prominent example of low-cost, low maintenance, and environment-friendly products.

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