Creative Ways to Reuse Burlap Bags

Make world a better place with repurposing old burlap bags

Burlap, also referred to as jute or hessian, is a robust, resilient & coarsely woven fabric that is most commonly used to create bags, carpets, and several other packing materials. Though making bags is one of the most creative applications of burlap fabric. Burlap makes an excellent material for both DIY and beautiful crafts because of its rustic and natural appearance. Ideas for projects using burlap are limitless if you have a creative imagination and knowledge about materials.

After the end of the shelf-life of your burlap bags, do you throw them out? Why so? Stop doing these. As the usefulness of burlap bags is endless, the same goes well for old and used burlap bags or fabric too. Consider the following possibilities before discarding your burlap bags.

Sale It to Needy Persons and Organizations

The matter is that not everyone wants to or has the time to reuse their old burlap bags. They may sell these old bags to other consumers for a lower cost and give the money from the sale to charity - making a difference.

You can inform buyers about the nature, origins and domestic applications of these bags. They can be used, for instance, to stuff pet bedding and fire starters as well.

Another choice is to give them to a company that can use the materials in new ways.

Using Them for Decoration

Unsew your bag and take out the fabric. Use it as a DIY to decorate your home in a way that highlights the distinctive origins of nature and your relationship with the farmers who grow it.

For instance, to create rustic cushions, you may stitch a section of a burlap bag around a foam layer. It is also possible to frame and mount bags with vibrant graphics or text as art. Your creativity is the only constraint on the possibilities.

Help Save the Bees

Bees are essential to the globe as well as mother nature since they serve as pollinators. They also support biodiversity and ecosystems. We rely on bees for honey production. Despite this, climate change and the destruction of their natural habitats have significantly reduced their global population.

Beekeepers can utilize burlap bags to keep their hives healthy. When a beekeeper has to check a hive to make sure it's healthy, burning the bags creates a non-toxic smoke that aids in calming bees.

One can help local beekeepers or non-profit organizations by donating old burlap bags.

Support For Farmers

Farming uses for burlap sacks are numerous. They work well as animal bedding when filled with straw or hay, as well as support insulation. Without using toxic chemicals, they may create plant mats that stop erosion and inhibit plants from growing in certain areas. Moreover, they keep the soil beneath hydrated and prepared for planting.

Donate your burlap bag to farmers – support them.

A Great Gardening Companion

Old & used burlap bags can be used to make portable planters that are complete eco-friendly. The texture of burlap is perfect for drainage and ventilation of small plants or saplings. We can use this fabric to cover compost piles or plants to shield them from direct heat or frost because it is air-permeable and absorbent.

Perfect for Handicraft Lovers

If you're a craftsman who enjoys recycling materials, burlap bags is best for you. Chances are good that you've never throw a burlap bag out, if you are fortunate enough to find way to reuse it for making handicrafts.

But how? See the points below.

  • Wall Art – Burlap bags sometimes comes with printed designs. Using this clever framing approach to showcase them!
  • Burlap Bunnies –  Perfect gift for Easter! Reusing discarded burlap sacks or bags to create adorable bunnies can be a brilliant idea.
  • Chair Cover – Have a worn-out chair that needs to be reupholstered? Burlap saves the day!
  • Home Storage – Crafted items can be organized beautifully in fabric boxes! Get organized by grabbing an old burlap bag!
  • Flower Trug – Tote those fresh-cut flowers in style!
  • Bulletin Board – Transform an outdated, unsightly bulletin board towards something adorable.
  • Burlap Placemat – We adore these burlap table arrangements that are so straightforward and wonderfully impress the dining room space. Alternatively, you can make coffee coasters.
  • Sunglasses Case – Make a burlap sunglasses case lined with recycled felt. Can be helpful to protect shades or glasses from scratches.



These are merely a handful of the numerous uses for burlap bags that you may have lied around. The substance is sturdy and suitable for many different projects you can have.