Holiday Gift Ideas with Burlap Bags and Other Burlap Products


It’s that time of year again – plethora of holidays. It’s always challenging to find new and unique gift or decor ideas as trends change from year to year. Did you know that burlap can be used to make natural, rustic decorative Christmas crafts? At JutePlanet, we are a wholesale distributor and supplier of a variety of burlap related products for industrial, personal & horticultural related uses.

The following article will demonstrate how burlap can be used to create unique crafts to dress up your home for the holidays --


Christmas Stockings

Are you tired of using the same old stockings every year? Burlap stockings can add an old-fashioned, rustic look to your fireplace. The stockings can be plain or other decorations can be cut out from different fabrics such as letters, ornaments & trees to give them a personal touch.

Gift Wrap

Instead of using regular holiday wrapping paper, you can use burlap to spice up your holiday presents. Natural burlap with solid-colored paper strips can enhance your gifts and make them more colorful. For additional color, a ribbon can be added to the packages. Your friends and family will enjoy opening the gifts as much as you enjoyed wrapping them.

Thank You Gifts

With the pandemic still in full swing, the holiday season has once again become challenging in terms of hosting gatherings. That’s why it’s more important than ever to thank your guests for taking the time to attend your get-together. Take-home gifts are an excellent way to show appreciation to your guests. You can place a small flower or plant in a natural jute planter pot and include instructions on how to care for it. We recommend going the extra mile by creating a card with a personalised holiday message and attaching it to the base of the flower or plant. Your guests will appreciate the gifts and the expressions on their faces will fill your heart with joy.

Party Favors

Receiving gifts from others is one of the best parts about the holidays. After your gathering is over, you can give them a burlap bag with holiday goodies such as a baked good with a recipe or other holiday-themed items like gift cards, candies or scented candles. To give the bags a more personalised touch, you can attach a holly and seal them with a decorative ribbon.

Custom Burlap Gift Bag

With our bespoke gift bags, you can give more heartfelt gifts! Our reversible burlap gift bag gives your gifts for any occasion a unique and organic touch. Our burlap totes come with soft cotton handles and can be personalized in a beautiful white vinyl name of your choice. This burlap bag is economically and ecologically perfect to present gifts on any occasion. 

As you can see, burlap is an amazing fabric. The best part about these crafts is that you do not have to be an expert to make them. You can even get your kids involved with these projects. Have fun with your burlap gifts as well as protect our mother nature!