How Burlap Planters Helps in Growing Saplings

Burlap planters are a fashionable addition to modernise your indoor garden, rooftop gardens & even the balcony of your multistoried building. They are one of the popular choices for pots and planters, which can dramatically alter the appearance of plants. The woven appearance of these eco-friendly planters gives the environment a casual yet stylish feel.

But are they actually beneficial for use instead of plastic pots? Let’s see how they help in growing trees or saplings.

If the soil in your garden is poor or inadequate, burlap planters are an excellent option. Culinary herbs, spinach, flowers & other small vegetable plants can grow best in sturdy burlap planters. One can use these for horticulture, poly house & terrace gardening.

For smaller gardens, burlap planters are perfect since they can fit into any tight place more easily than a solid container. It is possible to securely pack planters together to minimise moisture loss and water usage. They are portable and light in weight - making it simple to take them anywhere.

The roots of plants in containers sometimes grow in circles and tangle with one another. The situation makes it more likely that there may be problems with water stagnation or oxygenation, especially in larger pots with inadequate drainage. But in burlap planters, the roots of plants will make contact with the fabric edge and feel the drier soil exposed to the air. The "air pruning" of sapling roots is essential for growing healthy plants. It stops sapling roots from growing too quickly and gets rid of girdling. Burlap planters help with air pruning.

Since people add compost to burlap planters, so there is no need to dig or prepare the soil. Sapling or tree cultivation becomes a quick and hassle-free activity as a result. As burlap planters are reusable, one can rinse them off at the end of the growing season and reuse them later. Different planters in various sizes are available in the market. So, one needs to spend less amount in buying compost. They also require a lower amount of water due to their size.

They are a fantastic substitute for a raised bed and are less expensive than rigid containers. Additionally, they are portable, making them much easier to relocate than a wooden or plastic planter.

Wait, there is something more – Do you know you can reuse these planters that come quite handy? Well, you can use them for bathroom storage, kitchen storage & even for storing small laundry items. Some people make customise art over them and use them for home décor purposes.

Well, are you keeping Burlap Planters on your next shopping list?