Tips On Designing Custom-Printed Burlap Bags

Skyrocket sales with custom-printed burlap bags


You now have the possibly difficult task of designing your bag after deciding to take the risk and decide to put money into some custom-printed burlap bags to enhance and boost your business identity.

It may be challenging to come up with appealing designs for your bags if you have no prior design knowledge and your company lacks an in-house designer - particularly if you are purchasing a large number of bags or you intend to utilize the design for an extended length of time.  

You can take the advice that we've compiled to assist you while you design.

  • Choosing Perfect Colour Scheme – The color you use will be one of the most vital factors to consider when creating a custom-printed burlap bag. The use of color can improve the design and generate an eye-catching element that attracts potential buyers. Don't use overly vivid colors because you don't want to give your customers a headache! 
  • Pick Your Font Wisely – If your bag design includes any text, you must ensure it is readable in terms of the font and color scheme you have chosen. Your wording must contrast sharply with the color of the bag's background & it must be simple to read. The text must be readable at a distance for other persons. 
  • Keep Branding Consistent – If you are sourcing printed burlap bags for the company, they must correspond with your current logo and aesthetics. Include your symbol and any other words, phrases, or texts that are closely associated with your company. The goal is that people will recognize your business when they see your printed bags. Maintaining a consistent design also helps to increase brand loyalty and credibility among clients. 
  • Check Your Designs Thoroughly – After deciding final design, make sure that you have checked it multiple times for errors and mistakes. The last thing you want to do is send an order to print only to discover when it appears that you made a spelling error. Sending the completed design to at least two additional individuals who have never seen it before is a smart idea because getting a second set of eyes to review it can really help you discover errors. 


Tips to Remember

Don’t ignore customer needs. Use modern packaging designs instead of out-of-date ones; this will appeal to customers more. Don't forget to consider the weight of the things that will be placed inside the bag when creating custom-printed bags. The bag needs to be sturdy enough to hold these things and endure repeated use. Never accept unreadable printing under the guise of rich graphics or fonts. You should avoid making your logo too large even though you want it to be prominent on your custom-printed burlap bag.