What makes our promotional jute bags the first choice

As manufacturers and a brand ourselves, we at Jute Planet completely understand the importance of promoting your services and products to ensure a smooth growing business. But with the environment taking a toll on itself because of some of our advancements as a civilization, it is now time to give back to the environment as much as we can without harming either our business or the climate in any way. Our Jute Promotional bags are a perfect way out if you want to raise awareness regarding doing environment-friendly activities and to also promote your own brand’s products and services. Our Promotional Jute bags have made it to the first-choice category in many promotional events because of its multiple benefits and reasonable costing and here is an idea regarding each point especially for you.

  • Jute bags are already known for being organic and eco-friendly. So, when you promote your business with our Jute promotional bags you are also promoting a safe environment and the use of bio-degradable products. This makes the promotion of your brand and services a lot more different and unique and earns your business a name in the field for being a visionary.
  • Our Jute promotional bags are made with the finest quality Jute processed in our manufacturing units with assistance from advanced Jute processing and product designing and shaping machines. We not only ensure a safe hazard-free manufacturing process but also make sure that the manufacturing is done cleanly with the use of approved non-hazardous chemicals.
  • We manufacture a variety of Promotional Jute Bag sizes starting from small bags to large ones. You can choose a size depending on the type of event you are holding and the designs of the bag you want. The size also depends a lot on your budget.
  • For corporate events and promotions, we have a special range of Corporate Promotional Jute bags that you can give to your clients and employees. These corporate promotional Jute bags are specially designed with the name of your company and the Logo of your brand. The name and the logo are printed in an obvious and eye-catching yet a sophisticated manner to ensure that your gift involves promotion but do not stress too much the single fact.
  • Being a bio-degradable product, along with your business you are also promoting and creating awareness regarding using environment-friendly products which no doubt upholds the reputation of your company in front of the masses in very high regard. This, in turn, brings you more business and increases your brand value as well.
  • Our Promotional Jute bags have also become the first-choice as these bags are affordable. If you want to cut-off some costs without wanting to change the quality of your gifts then, get free marketing and the best healthy natural gifts with our promotional jute bag gift range for your esteemed clients and customers.
  • We offer customizations of our Promotional jute bags and you can choose to brand your bags with motivational texts or pictures along with your brand logo. You can also get coloured bags in both small and large sizes.
  • The feather-weight of the bags make it portable and really handy for you to hand out and for your clients and customers to receive and carry the bag around. As jute bags are used for various purposes you can be sure that with these bags as a gift, you can remind them of your business and silently be a big part of their daily life.
  • The Promotional Jute bags are printed with AZO free colours so as to ensure that you get a natural product absolutely free of harmful chemicals. Both the bag and the colours used to print the bags are bio-degradable so it does not cause any kind of pollution in any way to our beloved environment. All the printing is done with advanced machines only so both the prints and the colour-fastness of the products are guaranteed.
  • The Promotional bags are a subtle way to promote your business and ideas while ensuring that all your clients and employees receive gifts in return so as to appreciate their interest and effort in your business.
  • Being organic and natural, our Jute promotional bags also have health benefits which further makes the bags the first-choice as you can give something that is useful and also eco-friendly while getting free promotion in return for your business in a professional yet friendly manner.
  • The bags are designed in a manner so as to let the things you place in your bag breathe freely. This further expands the usage areas of the bags. Also, the bags are safe for children, which promotes your thoughtfulness as a human not only towards nature but also towards its little inhabitants and in turn interest clients and employees in your promotional event and business further.

If you want to place your Jute Promotional bags order then, find your perfect connection with Jute Planet immediately. Happy Eco-friendly Promoting!