We are among pioneers in making jute bags

Introduction:  Jute Planet is an orthodox brand in Manufacturing, dealing and Exporting of Jute Bags. All the products made by us are made from eco-friendly Jute fabrics. As known, Jute bags offer great value for money. It helps in building brand name as well as company image. These materials are all durable and extremely natural and biodegradable. Thus, this material offers the owner a chance to project an environment conscious face of company. The cost per exposure is also minimal.

Reasons that people love using Jute Bags

 Jute bags are lightweight yet sturdy products. These are not tearing like Plastic and Paper bags. Any logo of the company imprinted on such bags get more mileage.

People have become aware in Global Temperature rise. The campaign from the environmentalists has grown them more concerned about the protection of future generations. Thus, they are now searching for eco-friendly products. Jute is serving their purpose in an enormous way in this perspective. The eco-friendly Jute bags have done a good deal in preserving the world environment for all the good deals. These bags can be used over and over. It is solid and can be used over and over again. The cause no harm or never bring about any destructive impetus to the nature. The expert handcrafters use their skills to make bags fully usable to the people in general.

Bags are essential for swift conveying of a number of things. The bags made from eco-friendly materials never contaminate or pollute the environment. People from all countries are aware of the utilities of bags made from this eco-friendly material. Thus, any producer has enormous scope to earn foreign exchange by a proper dealing of Jute Bags.

Jute bags are sold in various fairs in the urban communities. Thus, poor individuals in suburb communities get scope to get a decent income opportunity from selling of these items. These bags offer budgetary help to the specialists. The craft of making eco-friendly bags is advanced by the government in handicraft fairs in the urban communities and towns.

These bags are now designed by making a consideration about the people’s choice and preference. The craftsmen are well aware of the various concurrent designs that are popular among ladies in particular. Research work is also conducted about various color combination over various pattern and designs of bags. Thus, the recent produces have become elegant and they offer grandeur presence when carried.

There is a variety of eco-friendly Jute Bags available and accessible in various retail outlets. They can be purchased online through the web-based business sites. There are shopping bags, travel bags, lunch bags, printed bags, utensil bags, string bags and so on. Each eco-friendly bags served by Jute bags manufacturers have their particular reason. Jute products are planned by experienced craftsman.

The Best Manufacturer-Exporter

Jute Planet is one of the leading jute/hessian Shopping Bags & Promotional Bags manufacturer, wholesaler and exporters from Kolkata, India. To keep the parity with the authenticity of our Brand name, there are products made fit to almost all purposes. These bags include Small and Large Jute Bags, Jute Shopping Bags, Jute Tote Bags and reusable Grocery Bags. All the products made from Jute are naturally eco-friendly. They can easily be made customized and offer guaranteed quality and attractive price. We have started exporting our bags since two years back. From the date of inception of export, we are a name in this context for the best quality and customizing capability. Jute has a minimal chemical composition than cotton and it offers more strength in the bags or other accessory made from this material.  We have client base across Europe, in Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia and Singapore etc. For our USA operation, we have opened a branch office in USA also. All our products made from Jute offer a statement of design.