FAQ | Jute Planet

1. What can I expect from Jute Planet?

Jute Planet is dedicated to manufacture only jute items. So if you need any jute products, Jute Planet is best choice to procure your required items. Ethical business policy & Quality are the foundation of Jute Planet. We are promised to provide you best quality products to maintain a long term business relationship with you.

2. Can I have a price list of all jute products?

Mainly we manufacture customised items so we have no price list as such. But if you need an idea of pricing we can send you a brief catalogue. We are manufacturer so we can make infinite variations of style, size, handle type & printing so it is not possible for us to make a complete price list.

3. Which details are required for a precise quotation?

1.       Size of the bags/rugs

2.       Colour of the bags/rugs (body, gusset & handle)

3.       Handle type & length/width

4.       Material (Laminated jute, Burlap and Juco)

5.       Printing details with artwork file (CDR and PDF)

6.       Quantity for bags: 5000 pcs. and for rugs: 100 pcs.

7.       Full address with postal code

8.       Shipping option(by sea, by air or by courier DHL/FedEx)

Please send us an E-mail at juteplanet03217@gmail.com with above details properly, we will send you a quotation within 2 hours.

4. Can I develop my own designed bag or rug?

Yes. If you can’t find your exact required bag in our website then please send us an E-mail with complete description of your bag & budget. We will design a bag for you with the help of your details.

5. Can you send me some samples?

Yes. This is our fundamental job to provide you samples before ordering. Samples are available at 20 to 30 dollars each (depends on bag category) or 100-150 dollars (depends on rug category) with freight collection. Generally we take 3 to 5 days to prepare the samples.

6. What are the prices of the bags?

Prices depend on Fabrics type, Bag size, Handle type, Printing & Quantity. To get exact price of a bag, you have to submit all the specified details with artwork. We will send you a quotation within 2 hours.

7. What is your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of jute bags?

Our minimum order quantity is 5000 to 20000 pieces (depends on bag style & material)

8. Can you give me a cheaper bag?

Yes. We can give you a cheaper bag which starts from only USD0.50

9. How can I be assured of quality?

We think promise has no value if we cannot keep it. So before shipping you can inspect your goods at your own cost to be assured of quality.

10. What is the lead time for 5000 pieces jute bags?

Our normal lead time is 15 to 18 days for the specified quantity (Production time). But if you have any urgency, you should inform us before placing the order.

11. What is the packing method of the bags?

Generally we pack our bags in a 5-ply corrugated carton box with a poly bag inside. If you want to pack each product in a single poly bag, you have to inform us before making quotation. Specific carton size is available on request for 20000 pieces or more bags.

12. What is jute?

Jute is a plant based fibre. Jute Fabrics is 100% Environment friendly since it requires minimum chemical treatment before weaving into textile whereas cotton requires a much chemical treatment.

13. Is jute 100% Biodegradable?

Yes. Jute is 100% Biodegradable and totally Eco-friendly.

14. What are 13X13 FJF, 15X14 FJF, 17X17FJF & 24x24FJF jute fabrics?

These are the type of fabrics, these two numbers are the yarn count along length & width per inch.

13X13 is medium grade fabrics, 15X14 is standard grade fabrics & best type of fabrics for any kind of jute bags, 17X17 is finest grade fabrics used for making drawstring & fashion bags, 24X24 is most premium grade fabrics can be used for making fashion bags. Even you can customize it as per your requirement like 15X15 or 16X16.

15. What is juco?

Juco is a natural fabrics which is blend of jute (75%) & cotton (25%).

16. Can my logo be printed on the jute bags?

Yes. We can print your logo or message on any position of our jute bags.

17. How can I send my artwork?

You should submit your artwork in the following file formats- PSD, CDR or PDF

18. How many colours can be printed?

We can print up to 10 colours, after submitting your printing matter we can assist you by suggesting some modifications for better visibility.

19. How will you send me my consignment?

We will send you the consignment based on your choice of shipping mode. There are three options are available with you.

1.       By Sea

This is very cost effective method to ship the products. In this method the shipping time is approximately 4 to 6 weeks (depends on location). For FCL shipment, you can save both time & money.

    2. By Air

This is a expensive option of shipping but if you have urgency, it is the best way. In this method transportation time is approximately 5 to 6 days.

   3. By Courier

This is highly expensive method of shipping & better for smaller quantities because you don’t have to maintain customs process in your country. In this method (DDU), you can get your goods to your door with 5 to 6 business days.

20. What are the delivery terms?

Our delivery terms are Ex. Factory Kolkata, FOB Kolkata, C&F & CIF.

21. What is the meaning of FOB Kolkata?

FOB Kolkata price includes Bag cost, packaging, carriage up to Kolkata port & customs clearance in India, i.e. except Freight only.

22. How much variation can I expect in a bag?

Sizes may vary up to 1cm.

23. What are the handles available with you?

We use cane handle, bamboo handle, self handle, cotton tape handle, cotton webbed handle, cotton rope handle, leather handle.

24. Can I get any colour for my bags?

Yes. You can get any colour shade for your bags. For customised colour shade, you have to order minimum 5000 to 20000 bags (depends on bag size).

25. Can I expect exact colour shade?

No. Since all are natural fibres so colour fastness is not guaranteed and colour shades may vary lot to lot.

26. Can I pay the billing amount by Credit Card or Debit Card?

No. You can pay by T/T or L/C.

27. Do you use polythene to laminate the fabrics?

No. We use pure PP granules to laminate our fabrics for water resistance & durability.

28. Do you use AZO free colours?

Yes. We use AZO free colours for both dyeing and printing. Normally we use AZO free colours for printing.

29. Which place is best for buying jute rugs?

Kolkata is the main place to buy any kind of jute products. There are other few cities in India where jute rugs sold such as Panipat or Jaipur but all materials are sourced from Kolkata so for bulk purchase Kolkata is best.

30. Jute or Cotton rugs which is best?

It depends on location. If it is used in very cold place then jute rugs is best because it's more warm than cotton rugs.

31. Which types of laminations are used to make laminated jute bags?

For making laminated jute bags, 3 types of lamination are used. 1. Regular PP lamination 2. Premium PP lamination 3. LDPE lamination

32. What do you mean by "Rugs"?

Size is the primary distinction between a carpet and a rug. Rugs are smaller in size with respect to carpets. Since carpets typically cover the entire floor of a room, also carpets are not poratble as rugs.

33. Which country manufactures the best quality Rugs?

In terms of quality and artistry, the largest rugs manufacturing country is Iran. Next, there comes India, Nepal, Pakistan & Afghanistan.

34. Which Indian cities are famous for their Rugs?

Kashmir, Jaipur and Kolkata & Kolkata holds the best jute rugs manufacturers in India. Kolkata is famous for its high-quality jute rugs which are used for domestic and industrial purposes.

35. Why should I opt for Indian rug variants?

The rugs industry of India has a long history of fine weaving and artistry. Indian enterprises manufacture a wide range of hand-woven rugs using different fibers like cotton, jute, wool, silk etc.. Each of them is influenced by the traditions & artistic talent of diverse nations & civilizations.

36. Can I trust the quality of India-based rug manufacturers?

If you are looking for premium rugs at cheaper price than Iran or Pakistan then India is best option. For woolen rugs Kashmir is best, for cotton & jute-cotton blended rugs Jaipur is best and for handmade pure jute rugs Kolkata and for machine made pure jute rugs Panipat is 2nd option after Kolkata.

37. What about the export value of Indian rugs?

India exports rugs to over 70 nations worldwide. The top Indian rug importing countries are the USA, Germany, UK, Australia, UAE, France, Sweden, Netherland & Italy. 57% of India's exports, which include rugs and floor coverings, go to the United States.

38. What material of rug is best?

It depends on purpose. For decorative purpose and mid temperatre country in southern Europe or Australia cotton and jute-cotton rugs are best. For very low temperature pure jute or woolen rugs are best. If you are looking for fancy rugs then silk is best option. For industrial purpose and room warming purpose jute rugs are best among all rugs.

39. What are the different variants of rugs?

By manufacturing process, rugs come in two basic variants - handmade & machine-made. Handmade rugs also consist of two variants - hand-knotted & hand-tufted.

40. There are several natural materials that are used in rug making. But how to decide the right one for me?

Wool rugs provide a luxurious feel and comfort. Jute & cotton rugs are the best alternative to wool rugs as they require less care and cheaper than woolen rugs. For Industrial purposes jute rugs or jute-cotton rugs are best. Now you can make a choice.

41. What is the basic difference between machine-made & handmade rugs?

In terms of durability, strength, sustainability & uniqueness, handmade rugs will always win over machine-made rugs. The only pros about machine-made rug is low cost.

After reading this FAQ if you don't get your answer, please write us at juteplanet03217@gmail.com