Everything about a Jute Rug - The Best Natural Floor Covering Item

Carpets made with natural fibers can give any room an authentic sense. They also go well with most of the home interior design trends. Out of all, jute rugs are now gaining popularity among interior designers & general people. Several organic characteristics of natural jute rugs add depth and richness to any room, elevating it to a new degree of luxury. It is the most adaptable piece of home décor segment that offers a natural place of connection for families, groups of people & even your furry friends. Jute rugs are soft, pleasant for feet, breathable & easy-to-style.


About Jute Fabric

Jute Grocery Bags- Benefits

Groceries are an important part and parcel of our lives. We need groceries not only to cook tasty food but also to survive. Basic grocery shopping is commonly done daily and the essentialpart while doing grocery shopping is the part where you needto carry all that you have bought by yourself. You don’t have people around you always to help you carry the groceries as the shopping is fairly done regularly. So, to help you put up with carrying your groceries without any issues even if you do not have anyone around at the particular moment to help you,we at Jute Planet have come upwith unique grocery shopping bags. These bags are completely made of Jute and there are several Jute Grocery bag benefits that you can enjoy when you do your grocery shopping with a Jute Grocery bag.

All in one jute grocery bag for shopping and storing your vegetables

Organic living is a prevalent thought in present times and is being adopted as a lifestyle by many all over the world in order to get the maximum health benefits in this era. If you are eating and thinking organic then all in one Jute grocery bag for shopping and storing your vegetables is the item for you. Shop for your organic vegetables in an organic way with a jute bag contributing to your organic living and an environment affable approach towardsmaking the world free of plastic use. If you are looking for an all in one jute grocery bag for shopping and storing your vegetable then have a glimpse of our product description and benefits below.

What makes our promotional jute bags the first choice

As manufacturers and a brand ourselves, we at Jute Planet completely understand the importance of promoting your services and products to ensure a smooth growing business. But with the environment taking a toll on itself because of some of our advancements as a civilization, it is now time to give back to the environment as much as we can without harming either our business or the climate in any way. Our Jute Promotional bags are a perfect way out if you want to raise awareness regarding doing environment-friendly activities and to also promote your own brand’s products and services.

Jute-The golden fibre of the globe


Originating from Asian countries, Jute is also known as 'Golden Fiber' due to its golden brown color and significant importance. In terms of production, usage and global consumption, Jute ranks just after cotton. It is the basic fiber that is being used to make garden twine and hessian sacks. As Jute is an environmentally friendly item - as well as more affordable; Jute plants are easy to harvest. Unlike cotton, Jute having a high yield per acre and needs a low quantity of pesticides and fertilizers. Like flax and hemp, Jute is a bast fiber, and the processing of the stem is similar.

How are jute conference bags making a big difference

Eco-friendly is the word that holds the attention of the world today from the basic grassroot levels. This word has led us to realise how important our planet is for our well-being and survival and how we can take care of our planet even while being in the corporate world. Conferences are a huge part of the corporate world and treating the participants of a conference with a gift, speaks volumes about the company and its ethics. It serves as a token of appreciation and welcome which ensures that both employees and clients taking part in your conference warm-up to your business and contribute towards its growth and profit mutually.

We are among pioneers in making jute bags

Introduction:  Jute Planet is an orthodox brand in Manufacturing, dealing and Exporting of Jute Bags. All the products made by us are made from eco-friendly Jute fabrics. As known, Jute bags offer great value for money. It helps in building brand name as well as company image. These materials are all durable and extremely natural and biodegradable. Thus, this material offers the owner a chance to project an environment conscious face of company. The cost per exposure is also minimal.

Reasons that people love using Jute Bags

 Jute bags are lightweight yet sturdy products. These are not tearing like Plastic and Paper bags. Any logo of the company imprinted on such bags get more mileage.

How Promotional Jute Bag Helps In Marketing?

Marketing is a matter of art and techniques - that contains an ocean of possibilities! Correspondingly, business promotion stands as a versatile niche wherein you have to go through, explore and experiment with every single possible opportunity to reach consumers. Meanwhile, online promotions of business items are catching the public-eye nowadays, offline promotions modules are still a stunning way to gain more attraction - but this needs to be done properly!

Why jute Tote bags are getting mass popularity

Jute bags have successfully caught both the eye and attention of several popular faces in today’s times. Such vast endorsement by popular faces of the simple Jute bags has also resulted in catching the eye of the common people which has no doubt led to a huge growth in the Jute bag manufacturing industry. We at Jute Planets have various varieties of Jute bags manufactured and designed by us specifically. Out of all the ranges available, Jute Tote bags from our Jute bags range has received enormous love and gained mass popularity even in the far corners of the world. If you are wondering what made our Jute Tote bags so popular and why our Jute Tote bags are getting mass popularity even now then have a look at the benefits mentioned below.

Advantages of using jute bags instead of plastic bags

Jute bags are being used widely for various purposes instead of plastic bags and other types of bags as there are multiple advantages of using Jute bags. These bags are not only organic in nature and light in weight but are also available at reasonable prices and are re-usable. While making Jute bags Jute Planet ensures that the bags are a hundred percent organic in nature and no non-biodegradable items are used. The jute that we use to make our bags are gathered from plants that are grown with extreme care and in the best manner with natural fertilization to ensure that our manufacturing process also remains eco-friendly and the bags are of the best quality. We have listed all the advantages of using Jute bags at a glance here for you especially.