Why jute Tote bags are getting mass popularity

Jute bags have successfully caught both the eye and attention of several popular faces in today’s times. Such vast endorsement by popular faces of the simple Jute bags has also resulted in catching the eye of the common people which has no doubt led to a huge growth in the Jute bag manufacturing industry. We at Jute Planets have various varieties of Jute bags manufactured and designed by us specifically. Out of all the ranges available, Jute Tote bags from our Jute bags range has received enormous love and gained mass popularity even in the far corners of the world. If you are wondering what made our Jute Tote bags so popular and why our Jute Tote bags are getting mass popularity even now then have a look at the benefits mentioned below.

  • Tote bags have been around for a long period of time. The bags are designed in a simple and sophisticated manner to accommodate various kinds of items in one bag. The Tote bags are designed in a free and open manner without zips or any kind of closing around the mouth of the bag.
  • The straps of the bags are either short or of a medium length and the width and the length of the Tote bags are bigger compared to other designs of the bags. You can find Jute Tote bags from our available range for every purpose you have in mind.
  • Our Jute Tote bags are manufactured directly from the specially selected and approved jute strands. These strands are collected only for the manufacturing of the tote bags as the bags are known to require a strong fibre density than other sets of Jute bags.
  • Our Tote bags are known for customised designs by expert Tote bag designers. The bags are designed and shaped as extra-large pouches and are perfectly fitted with parallel handles. The length of the handles gives you the freedom to choose to either dangle the bag over your arms or to carry it on your shoulder sideways.
  • Another reason for tote bags getting so much acceptance and popularity amongst the mass is that these bags can be used for shopping purposes as well. You can just carry a tote bag around with you and put all the items that you have shopped for together inside the bag without the fear of misplacing any of your shopped items. The bag is manufactured with more than enough space so it ensures that there is no spill, or overcrowding inside the bag.
  • Our range of jute Tote bags are quite fashionably designed and you can take your pick from the Zebra printed Jute Beach Tote Bags, Burlap Tote bags or just plain Jute beach tote bags. Each of the bags from every category is designed to meet all your tote bag requirements.
  • The base of our Tote bag is given special attention as the base of the bag carries all the weight. We make sure to layer the base of our Jute bag with multiple Jute and crude jute fabric layers and then waterproof the base finely so that even if there is a case of a liquid spill inside your bag, the base of the bag will not leak and rot. Jute Tote bags are often treated to a wax coating to ensure waterproof and anti-rotting qualities.
  • The bags can also be washed with water and cleansers, and dried in the sunlight to return its glaze and shine as good as new. So, its low maintenance requirements are another reason for the bags getting such high popularity from the mass.
  • Our Jute tote bags are completely machine-made and the double stitch pattern is used on the bags to ensure maximum safety and longevity of the bag. Our bags are tough and have high resistance against getting frayed. The threads used for the stitches are also eco-friendly and the colour of the thread is perfectly matched with that of the bag. The pattern of the stitch is invisible which makes the Jute Tote bags seem like one big pouch.
  • Our Jute Tote bags are available at really pocket-friendly prices and all you need to do is to choose a bag. We also have discounts for multiple Jute Tote bag orders. The bags are also light in weight which makes it easier for you to carry the bag around as much as you like and the lightweight of the bag also ensures that it does not add to the weight when you put things inside the bag to carry around.
  • Jute is already a bio-degradable material and a bag made from jute no doubt can be recycled and reused several times. Jute Tote bags are also the same in this matter. You can use it for as long as you like and afterwards you can dispose of the bag ina bio-degradable way.

The unique design, cheap price and the multiple qualities of Jute Tote bags along with its environment-friendly nature has made Jute Tote bags a hit with the mass and gained its mass popularity in the wink of an eye.